Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Window i Opporchancity

Since we didny huv a proper Xmas nicht oot, lit's huv an Easter yin. The planets are in alignment fur a wee swally THIS SETTIRDAY.
Meet in Ham Shank aroond 7.
Back ti mine fur cairds n digestifs.
Should be a gid yin.


Lorne said...

Huv been warned by Mrs Lorne thit Easter Sunday is a faimily day in no tae be wastit wi a hangover. Huv yi ivir heard so much pish in awe yir life min.
That lassie needs tae git hir act thegithir, dis she no ken am goan throo a middle-aged crisis here and a need a wee nicht oot fae time tae time. Onywy need tae go and git ma hoosework done afore she comes hame.

WeeGC said...

Is that seven in the mornin or at night?