Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ahd Like to Take This Opportunity To Apologise

As you may ken, Blogging has hit the courts with Sheffield Wednesday fans web site owlstalk.co.uk telt by the high court to reveal details of posters who allegedly defamed the club's chief executive and five directors.
Bill Thompson on the Beeb news pages says:
"Three Sheffield Wednesday supporters who posted anonymous abusive comments on the "Owlstalk" website will be staring into their cornflakes this morning as they wonder whether they will soon be receiving a libel writ in the post. "
However the judge refused to order the unmasking of fans who were “merely abusive”. Phew! That's 99% of the shit here covered.
So, pelters allowed, nae defamation, or Carrier may get a chap at the door from HM's finest, to ask whar that laddie Mowgli bides.

1 comment:

Carrier said...

Dinny worry yirsels - aw poasts are moderated ti ensure legal action is kept ti a minimum.
In fact ah've awready spoken ti the Polis n gave thum aw yir names n addresses jist in case. So dinny worry.
Mibbe its time fur in i they regular public information messages tho' ti remind new members n visitors.