Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Regular Public Information Message

Welcome ti the BOOB new members n visitors! You have stumbled upon Scotland's Number Yin men's mid-life crisis website aboot Bo'ness.
This site is an idiosyncratic synergistic pile i pish written in the traditional 'tongue' i Bo'ness.
Please feel free ti poast comments below each poast as they are usually funnier thin anyhing we write. Also- check oot the aulder stuff doon there oan the right haund side. This site hus been oan the go fur ages. This time last year fur instance we wur celebratin, rejoicin, becoming sensitised n gittn ready fur halloween.
Generally evirying goes bit, is Tricky says below, jist watch whit yir sayin if ye dinny want ti end up is Mr.Big's bitch in the Bar-L. Nae Old firm or Porn neither, unless in links marked NSFW, bit we welcum tasteful female nudity, as demonstrated adjacent.
Nae Lorne's Nads either.


Tricky said...

Hus she goat snotters runnin?

Carrier said...

Naw - that's her philtrum showing.

futin det said...

See the Septum (the bit between the nostrils) Does that join them together or seperate them ?

Anonymous said...

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