Friday, January 25, 2008

BOOB Readers Requests

We've received this email it BOOB HQ the day:

"Dear Sir - Kin we no git back ti whit the BOOB dis best? How aboot a big blonde model wi her pups oot?
Disgruntled of Dugald Stewart Avenue"

Assuming yir spelln is correct, happy ti oblige.

BOOB is eiweys happy ti receive readers requests and comments. Please refer ti oor complaints procedure if yir bilin.


Anonymous said...

now thay are nice pups!!

sparky said...

A trembling pussy between two slavering snarling mutts!!


I see she's wearing the latest La Senza (expensive stuff lads - not that i wear it - ah jist get made ti buy it) mumbling pants.

So called 'cos although ye canny make oot whit she's saying ye can still see her lips move :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats one hot bitch!

The bird isnae bad either!