Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcum ti Sparky

Sparky Malarky wis boarn in Bo'ness, n bided up it Dawson Place fur years adjacent ti the concrete pipe playpark. Before the age i 12, he would achieve the accolade of Bo'ness's answer ti Damien Hirst fi Bo'ness Academy Remedial Art Teacher "Vernicious Kidd" wi his famous avant garde artwork consistin i twa blobs i squashed clay entitled "The Incredible Meltin Man".
A Black Belt in Origami and Fujitsu, Sparky wid later go oan ti star in the BBC 1 televison series "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" as Sgt. Major Williams.


sparky said...

"Lovely boy Lovely boy"

Beelin? Ya Baistart!! Kent ah shoodny huv pit that fkn foty oan!1

Ach well ye live n learn at least noo Yan kin see am nowt like big McGuiness :-)

Feel free to copy this pic n hang above yer fireplaces to keep the kids away.

Mr Kidd brings back memories.

Mind u, do any o ye remember the techy teacher "Mr. Upside doon Heed" wi the red beard? Aye him that did the kiddy fiddlin in the cupboard at the Academy.

Im gettn councselling even now cos he never toched me - what was wrong wi me? Neglected!! Neglected!! Thank f**k :-)

The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman said...

I have a black belt in No Kan Doe.

Yan said...

What, is that near Katmandu

Tricky said...

'kin L, thon's like lookin at a photy of Gus Malarky in a uniform. Whit a fricht.

The Ain't Half Hot similarities don't end there:
Lorne - Bombardier 'Gloria' Beaumont / Char Wallah Muhammed
Carrier - Gunner 'Lofty' Sugden
Mogs - Mr 'La-de-da' Gunner Graham

Review of BooB blog by Battery Sergeant-Major Tudor Bryn 'Shut Up' Williams :
"Never before have I seen such a blatant display of poofery! "

sparky said...

Thanks for the compliment Tricky.

Yeah ma twin skin n blister Helen said the same thing. Mind you, ma auld man Gus wiz an auld man n am only forty...

Time to give up the vodka, fags and the 'tache methinks. Well meebe the 'tache!

WeeGC said...

It looks like yer nixt ti that techy cupboard! Wis the teach's name no Paiterson drove a celica!

Carrier said...

S'funny - the first singul record a bocht oot i Bell's doon the Toon wis "Whispering Gress" by Don Estelle & Windsor Davies.
Wid ye credit it?

Anonymous said...

A say it's Jim Royal, Wi'oot the beard n' the Banjo.
Ma Erse!

sparky said...

Aye "weegc" I think his name wiz Paterson. I remember seeing him in the papers when he got done fur kiddy fiddling sum time in the '90s I think.

Dunno whit kinda car he drove - might've been a horse drawn cage like that yin in chitty chitty bang bang!!

I remember sum o the "bad" boys fi oor class (no names no pack drill ye ken whae ye are) gettn takin intae his cupboard...

Dunno whit "went down" if ye get ma drift but they were AWFY quiet efter they came oot....

Happy days eh?? :-)

sparky said...

Okay. Captured!! :-/

Efter ma stint in "It Aint half Hot Mum" Ah went oan ti enjoy many years in the "Royle Family" wi Caroline "love the coke/cock" Ahern.

Only trouble is it wis the dottery granny part a played :-)