Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Live Long & Prosper


Yan said...

Boo Hiss, that's an awfy misleadin title thair Carrier. Ah thoat it wis gaun ti be a vegan animal rights video ye wur gaun ti be showin.

sparky said...

I agree it is awfy misleading!!

I thocht it was a porn film!!

In Edinburgh posh folk say live long and prosper when they mean "f**k off".

Now... where's ma DVD "Nuns wi Buns"?

Yan said...

Hey Sparky, ah take it your no runnin the Potterrow student union anymair. That wis the last time ah saw ye n goat ye mixed up wi whits his face thit youst ti hae hair like the hair bear bunch,Carrier will remember his name.

sparky said...

Hi yan

How on earth can u mistake me for "Neil McGuiness"?

He's 6ft plus wi mair hair than aw the hair bair bunch pit thegither!! An am 5' 5 wi no much hair ataw :-

I often git mistook fur brad pitt but ah dinny like tae brag aboot yon.

Wee Gowser will wet his breeks at me gettn mistook fur McGuiness :-)

Potter row students union? Ah mustv been oan the sniff in the big smoke - oops captured again :-)

Carrier said...

Ah oft times see Nigel McNeill (copyright Toammy CanNING not CanNON)it the Fair, bit maist recently ah bumpt inty him ootside Starbucks it the Haymarket Bar in Embra yin moarnin.
Ah foand memory thit me n the Snashter regularly chuckle aboot is yon time he drew the Roman Sodgers kilts wi the legs meetn below the hemline. Mind?
Halycyon Days.

Carrier said...

Halcyon even.

sparky said...

Shat masel there!! Was on MSN live when the message pop up binged like a fkn dinner bell!!

Aye ah remember that Roman must've hud sair baws.

Do you mind he used to wear them leather gloves aw the time in P7?

Thing was they stank of jobbies cos he was aye scratching his butt wi them on.

Oops jist gave masel the boak :-(

Question is contributor Wums "the" same "wums" i worked wi at Bo'Ness harbour and used to do the bodybuilding wi ma cousin Hamish??

If it is, can you say hi to him.

Yooz can get me on liam.malarky@hotmail.co.uk or even bebo.com/LiamM1927

and b4 any o ye start no.. that's not the year ah wis born!! :-)