Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eejits Guide ti Downloadin Movies fur, ahem, personal use

1. Download and install bittorrent.
2. Search and download (movie name) torrent oan Google. Bittorrent wul kick in.
3. Process yasein DVD Shrink or similar.
4. Burn oanty standard DVD-R or DVD+R yasein Acala.

Steps 3 n Fower kin be achieved yasein Nero Vision Express or Roxio anaw.


Alternatively watch thum oan Ridcurtain.

Or go ti the Hippodrome when it opens.

1 comment:

sparky said...

Will give this a try. Ma kids are well versed in yon kinda thing.

Am no sayn they've pirate tendencies or anything but...

If you've got teenagers that use the phone a lot (big bills!!) hook them up to Windows MSN Live and they can use their PC like a phone. As long as its PC to PC its free!!

Thats what I did - saved me a fortune!!