Monday, January 21, 2008

Shanker Shenanigans

Start i he efternin n Lorne is awready worried thit the £10 float he stole fi his Bistro till wullny see a roond wi this turnoot.

Not so hus fawn asleep listenin ti Lorne's jokes whilst the Snash hides last nicht's vampire bites fi Jill.

"Whit's the difference between an egg n a gid pint i Belhaven Best Extra Cauld?" says Greegs, evokin that auld joke aboot masturbation.

Not so's Faithir-in-Law demands his pre-nuptial contractulally agreed dowry i twinty haufs eviry New Year is part-recompense fur the haund i his dochter in mairriage.

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