Monday, February 18, 2008

A Big Bo'ness Welcome ti New BOOB Visitors

Regular service message time ti welcome new visitors fi aw aroond the world ti Scotland's Number Yin blog aboot life fur us thirtysumhings in Bo'ness, esp doon under, Canada, US, Eastern Europe n whit kin oanly be an ile rig aff the coast i Nigeria (or an affshore bank).
Little kent fact - Bo'ness will be the birthplace in 2075 i Checkov, Sulu, Lt. O'Hoora, Spock n Captain James T. Kirk in the forthcoming JJ Abrams version i Star Trek.
Feel free ti leave comments as they are the funniest hing aboot this site. N huv a look it the aulder stuff ower there oan the right.
This is a "Lads-mag" site, n we yase the Ashley Cole principle - nae Girls Aloud.


Tricky said...

Call me picky Tricky, but, she's got deodorant marks, an extra inny-ooty bit at the hips, a helluva funny right knee and ... and .. whits that running from her shoe? Naw, surely no? Has she pee'd herself?

Yan said...

Ah take it she must git called Clyde, cos she's no fkn Bonny

Mowgli said...

Apparently, late in the 22nd century they are building a starship in Bo'ness - USS Enterprise Allowance Scheme.