Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great Bo'ness Inventions: The Port-a-Pish

The Bronx
The temporary closure i the public conveniences nixt ti Tam Stewarts the Grocers provides the opporchancity fur yin lucky Haney's Way entrepreneur ti make a few extra boab.
The Duncan Bannatyne i his day.


Jimmy Kidd said...

Haw! iz that me in the photae daein a pis? Haw!
Ah canny mind i that. Bit ah canny mind i yisturday. Haw!

Ma heid's a cloak, bit it's twa meenits slow, Haw!

Yan said...

That wid be guid fur T in the Park,tickets go oan sale the morn fur aw you ravers. Chemical brithurs,the prodigy, REM, aphex twin, the pogues jist sum i the line up awready announced. Sounds like a guid yin. Up bright n early mind, tickets go oan sale it 9 a cloak

Carrier said...

Wis gonny gie it a miss this year....bit whit a line-up!!

Yan said...

Well, am no. Goat ma tickets furst hing this moarnin. Aw the gither wi here wi here wi fkn go!

Jimmy Kidd said...