Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is weird yet strangely fascinating



sparky said...

Thats one of the funniest things I've seen in ages!!

Ok mebbe I'm a sick puppy cos I was screaming wi laffter!!!

Whoever invented that had far too much spare time on their hands but I'm glad they did its brilliant.

Carrier said...

There's definately sumhing sensual aboot this experience...

futin det said...

Maybe they could dae yin wi twa wimmin, wi jelly insteed i balloo...eh..mmm..mibees naw!!

sparky said...

Ye micht be oan tae sumfin there Futin Det... yon kinda things been awfy popular for years.

A shood ken... mebbe ah shoodny say this cos it micht get me in bother wi her indoors...

Nah it'll be okay cos she disny ken boot the BOOBs site n disny read ma txts(?)

Onyways, in the mid 90's I was daen BG work (boadyguard) as a minder to twa mud/jelly wrestlers.

Went everywhere filming in different locations but bleev me they didny need a minder!! they were tuff auld burds in every sense!!

Happy days guys :-)