Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prelims Coming Up

Some of our younger, more scholerly members may be about to sit their prelims shortly. The BOOB has raided the Academy archives to give them a helping hand with their revision.


sparky said...

You've spelt "scholerly" wrongly dear boy!!

It should be SCHOLARLY - you'd better sit at the front of the class so auld ghosty can keep an eye oan ye :-)

futin det said...

I'd like to be able two say that it was delibrite seein as the post was academnic in natuer. Truth is I really am shite at spelling. (plus, the dictionary is on the other side of thwe room) :-)

Carrier said...

Sparky should ken anaw - he wis Mrs. Ferry's star pupil.

Carrier said...

Jist hinkin - ah've goat aw that prelim stuff cumn ti me in the nixt few years. Carrier Jr it the "pickn subjects" stage.
Of course she'll be takn the 3 sciences ti be is brainy is her faithir, bit ah've telt her nivir ti git bigheidit aboot it, ken?

sparky said...

lmao :-)

Ah forgoat aw aboot her!! Mrs Ferrie the troll in chairge o the remedial class...

Mind her n her pal wun £25k oan the pools twa weeks efter pullin oot o the staffroom syndicate?

Well her pal Miss %'#%%% the spinster - whas name shall remain wheeshtit - helped me wi mair than english. Thats all i can say as a gentleman. Mustv liked the cut o ma jib bn fi Boanyukks n that ken?

Mini Malarky No. Twa is daen her exams in a few weeks.

Mini Malarky No. Yin did aw his, left the skill as a genius (no like his faither) n then joined the Paras!! kids eh? :-D