Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Break In News

Sources (Mrs Tricky) reveal there have been at least 2 break ins in the town in the last week, one definitely in daylight, the other probably during the day as well. Robertson Hooses and Deanburn were the reported areas. Mind and lock doors and windows and keep valuables out of sight noo.


Carrier said...

Ah ken yin i thum - up the Robbos - freend i ma sis's.
They liftit a Plasma telly in broad daylicht. No real min.
Nae fears i this happn in G-dyke tho'.
Crooks dinny shite in thir ain nest.

Carrier said...

Crooks - dinny quote me oan that!

Carrier said...

He He - It's twinty ti twelve n ah jist goat the double-meaning in the title.
Gid yin Tricky!