Monday, March 03, 2008

Anithir Russian Burd Layin hursel oan a plate fur yees

We huv received this email theday it BOOB HQ:

"I hope to receive your reply! If you are a man of 28-55 years old! ;) Sociable and Kind! Sympathetic and Interesting! Whose wishes will get acquainted with the girl for pleasant Dialogue! Soon, I shall arrive to England! I wish to travel around and I shall look England on my way. I can come to you on a visit or we can have a meeting in other city! I shall go to my friend! I am waiting for the fascinating travel to the country of my dream! I'd like to know you better and certainly to see your photos! If you like, I can send you some other my photos! I live in Saint-Petersburg , I think, you know this city?! I have no financial problems, I have no problems with a place to live in Russia,therefore I shall receive my visa :) I take care of my health and freely I go to any country! I have good sense of Humour :) :) Write precisely, where do you live, I shall look on map Google!! If you like to know about me more, ask! I shall go to England in some days and I wish to find friends in the unfamiliar country for me! I am open for relations more than friendship, but I think, to be friends is first of all! I hope we shall not have problems with the communication and we shall find many themes for discussion :)

You can reach me on my email:"

Well boays - thair it is - if u r 28-55years auld n dinny mind a bit i Polonium in yir coffee yir in thair!
Lit us ken how ye git oan wi Alexsa, n hir brithirs.

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