Monday, March 03, 2008

Snash Jr Birthdiy Celebrations

Life is jist a blur - hing oan - is that the Reidmeister in the loabby?
Here cometh the age i the King
The three amigos - Colin, Bails n Snash the Elder
Birthdiy Boay - hus he scaled a drink doon his tie awready?
Stevie's goat the Munchies
Peteso Baird gittn fired inty the Stella
Gail gies it laldy oan the auld Guitar Hero fur the Wii - note Marko hus awready slipped inty his jammy boatims n baffies - a share sign i gittn auld

(Images courtesy Pictureama productions)


sparky said...

Happy Birthday Mark :-)

Say hello to Gary for me

Anonymous said...

Aye, Gail wiz eywiz a better bass player than Nash!

Happy 40th, rubbah lugs!!

luv The Scoatlinds xxx

Mowgli said...

Ahem, it was his 38th birthday.