Thursday, April 03, 2008


April Fool's Day hus passd bit, nae shittn, Dan Diamond is the new cartoon character fur aw the Oaringmin oot thair.
Ithir names in the frame - Sashman, Sash Gordon n the Boyne Wonder.
Nae truth in the rumour thit, by day, Diamond is a mild-mannered referee bi the name i Stuart Dougal.


Mowgli said...

"Marches faster than a speeding bullet..."

For King Ell said...

And to think the Orange Order couldn't get any more ridiculous.

Tucky said...

See? Ah wiz nah de the Croass Keys, ken?

sparky said...

Troosers noa at half mast?
Baith legs the same length - how will he dae that limping stylee?

Actually he looks a bit gay!!!

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