Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mair Accolades fur the Michty BOOB

We have recently received this email here it BOOB HQ:

"Dear The Boys of Old Bo'ness author,
Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.3 score out of (10) in the Personal Blogs category of Blogged.com.

This is quite an achievement!

See here - aboot page 14.

We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.

After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.3 score.
Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!


Amy Liu
Marketing Department

Gen-up - we are offishelly number 273 in the world.

Well done ti the BOOBs, freends n visitors fi aw ower the globe.

1 comment:

sparky said...

Well done the BOOBs!!!

First it's World Heritage Sight Status and noo this!!!

I'm moving back.....