Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Close Encounters

Insteed i Marky G n his neebors in the Boannybrig Triangle hoggin aw the heidlines, wha says we make yin i these durin the summer n float it above Bo'ness ti see how miny UFO reports we kin generate in Forth Valley?
Wha's in?
(click here ti git ye in the mood)


WeeGC said...

Yi could hae sum fun wi that! Inflatable boabies or jobbies if yev got broon bags eh. Only thing bein the shit weather the noo.

Carrier said...

Need ti be careful anaw we dinny take doon a Jumbo heidn fur Turnhoose wi a double joabbie/boabie injin strike.
End up ditchn in the Forth.