Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcum ti the BOOB

Hunners n thoosints i visitors visitn this webshite fi aw roond the world the noo - a big welcum fi the Boys of Old Bo'ness, a bunch i middlt aged drunks wha yased ti run the toon straight ooty G-pans.
Feel free ti leave yir comments - its yoos thit make this thing happn. Check oot the aulder stuff doon thair oan the right haun side, this isny yin i they fly-bi-night sites, we huv been gaun fur years noo like a runawa steam train oot it the Birkill Clay Mine.
A team i web experts, n thir WAGS (shown above), ensure thit eviryhing u read is honed n perfected fur yir viewin pleesure.
Aw the best.

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