Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairs Cup Programmes - On Sale Now

Fur a measly £1:00 u kin git yir hands oan yin i these limited edition Fairs Cup Programmes.
Includes free entry ti the Prize Draw tae.
Inside yul find aw the Teams, the story i last year's Tournament and an exclusive article written bi Bo'ness United 1984 Junior Cup winning legend John Robertson ti celebrate the 25th anniversary i the BUs liftin the trophy.
Hand-crafted bi local workers below the minimum wage, these rare programmes are a must-have fur the serious fitba souvenir collector.
Available thru-oot Bo'ness NOO.
Aw proceeds ti the Fair.

Tournament itself oan 13th June - come along fur a great day oot fur aw the faimily.


Lorne said...

Kin yeese nivir make it a Sunday, some of us huv goat tae work min!

Carrier said...

Ye aye need Sunday ti recover. Yin year ah couldny move ma legs fur 3 days. Wee Gill hud ti bend ower backwards ti help me.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! it's ivery year you dinny move yer legs oan the park min. Ye kin aye make yer mooth gaun, tho. Haw!

Sparky said...

Whaur's the Douglas Park??

Yooz lot fi the Bog/La Fabrique and anywhaur Eastwards are livin' in the Twilight Zone!!

Even Nigel McGingoose, whae lived in the upside doon hooses in Deanburn, kens it cauld "The Doogie Park"...