Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cassaloan - Update

You may remember we postit this foaty i Cassaloan the ithir week.
BOOB HQ hus received an email fi astute petrochemical plant workers Jim Pen n Deke Mul, inbetween turnin some valves:

"The building to the left of the bus was East Castleloan where Deke was brought up. The top of the Piany bloke is where I lived on Livingstone Drive. I'm assuming that if you go further right that would be the lane between Castleloan and the Bowling Club. If that is correct then the photo was probably taken around the swing park/ Wotherspoon Drive area.. Deke is asking does the "Moscow" building ring any bells?
Jim & Deke"

Any aulder readers shed sumair light oan this?


Bonyuckster said...

christ, ah wiz brocht up there over the past 20 odd year and it looks like a totally different street, theres nae cheapskate deanfield jakeys walkin aboot wi boattles ih white cider in the foaty

Lorne said...

Ma faither mentions Moscow fae time tae time, he grew up there.