Friday, May 29, 2009

Susan Boyle (SueBo) before BGT

Final's oan Seterday, embarassingly luvin ivry second. Yon laddie Stavros in son ur feckin brilliant, far better than yon fat burd fae Blackburn whaws no the full shillin, reminds me of Smilley Gordon(goat a fag mister) goad rest his sole.


Carrier said...


The Twenty-Four Hour Garage People said...

Britain's Got Talent? Huv yiz aw turned inti wummin aw eh a sudden? Y'll be tawkin aboot "the change" next.

Lorne said...

noo aboot "the change"!!!

Carrier said...

Change (n.) - (Bo'ness ver.: "Chinge")

Sumhing ye dinny git ooty a tenner when ye visit Lorne's Bistro.

Lorne said...

Aye no when yi blag a freebie.

Carrier said...

Change is good, is they say, bit big tips are better, naw?

Tips ah said.

Lorne said...

Jist is weel hir name's no Susan Morrison. Su-Mo Su-Mo Su-Mo

Carrier said...

Or worse still Susan K McDick.


Sparky said...

Aye yeez kin aw laff!!!

Susan Boyle is actually my 2nd cuzzn.

Aye, nae duff.

The yin we aw avoydeed at the family get the githers, up the Coonty.

Even the ex wife whae wiz boarn in Bangour wisny as doo lally tap.

Yon lassie is justa car crash waiting to happen.

The pish rippn av done since her audition has seen me written oot of the will's of them famely beyond Baffgate.