Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Texas Scramble

Bo’ness Fair Entertainments Committee
have arranged a Texas Scramble at West Lothian Golf Club on Friday 3rd July.
Teams of three @ £45 ( juniors pay £10 ).
Tee is booked from 4 till 6pm
Anyone who wishes to play or enter a team should contact preferably
Linda Clyne - linda.clyne@hotmail.co.uk as she is organising it.


futin det said...

Can ah play wi hur in the photi ?

Ging gang said...

Isn't this picture pushing the boundaries a little too far?
I mean, those clubs are needing regripped surely, and the membership tag is a year lapsed?

John Letters said...

Ah eiweys like drivn ma baws up the Valley.

Carrier said...

That looks affy like your ain loabby Lorne - dis Shaz ken whit ye wir up ti last week?

Lorne said...

It's no ma loabby, bit it is ma clubs and they dae need regripped.

Carrier said...

The wey she's been hoddin yir driver, ye may need yir shaft replaced anaw.

Jimmy Kidd's Tache said...

Haw! Thoan club face is a bit worn. Thurs a guid chance ye'd end up lipping the rim, raither thin gittin it in the hole with thon yin.

Or mibbe just frottage or tribadism. Ah ken fuk aw about golf or shaggin. Haw!