Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That reminds me - Sportsmin's Dinner

Lorne's tenuous excuse ti pit up scuddy foaties hus remindit me thit ah've provisionally booked a table at the Bo'ness Fair Sportsman's Dinner fur the exclusive yase i the BOOB.

This wul take place in October so plenty time ti save up the £30 a heid.

Speakers confirmed are Murdo McLeod, Andy Goram and anithir boay wha dis a Jonathan Watson type send-up routine.

Spaces are limited ti 10 it the table so lit me ken is soon is possible if yir gaun. Tell me oan the Fair Day.


Lorne said...

Am there!!!!!!

Sparky said...

I wiz the army's "Blind Doms" champ for a wee while.

So as a Sportsmin any chance of me bn allowed tae buy a teekit?

Wid be gidd tae catch up wi ye aw!!!