Sunday, June 21, 2009

BOOB Rant - Rip-Aff Bo'ness

Ah mind ma faithir telln me thit in the aulden days if petrol or diesel went up YIN Pence a GALLON it the Richmond Garage thir wis a major public ootcry.

There are 4.54609188 litres in a gallon.
Tonight I peyed £1.07 fur a litre i diesel it the Richmond. (Even dearer doon the toon).
At Asda in Dunfermline I kin git it for £1.01 a litre.

Simple arithmetic tells us thit in Bo'ness WE ARE PEYIN MAIR THAN 27p A GALLON THAN OOR CIZZINS OWER THE FORTH.


The usual excuse is thit its aw ti dae wi the economies of delivery bit they canny yase that excuse in Bo'ness - oor gid citizens refine the stuff in oor ain back yaird. How kin it be cheaper ti take a tanker ti the wilds i Fife thin along the road ti Bo'ness?


Comments please.


AsianDirkTurpin said...

Richmond has been a rip aff fur years

I huvny filled up wi that footpad for
about 3 years.

I wid raither drive ti Grangemooth ASDA or Fawkirt Tesco b4 geeing thame a penny.

Yeez should aw stoap yazin the Garage.

Its jist turned in ti yin big mini market run by our Asian cousins...

Grangemooth fur me...

Anonymous said...

It probably coasts mair tae go tae Gmooth ,but its still beeter thin bein riped aff bi thae bstards.