Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fair Programme Riddle Solved By BOOB

An interestin teaser wis set in this year's Fair Programme wi the foaty above.

a. St. Mary's 1974
b. Naw, bit ma cheeky Big Sista kin clearly be seen on the rhs, wi classmates Greeno, Zena McKinley, etc. (mibe Tricky n the Italian kin help me oot here wi ithirs). Also Libby Hutchison n Jamesie's sista Helen in thair, n Snash n Markybhoy will recognise wee Ronnie Orr on the lhs.
Mrs Silcock watches oan in horror.

Also in the foaty is fellow G-panser Andos Grant's wife Lorraine(nee McAllister) (rhs). Accordin ti sources the happy couple recently celebrated thir Silver Waddn - congrats fi aw it the BOOB!!

Dem were the days - bairns oan floats it the Fair - damn they Health & Safety Nazis!!

Fair Programmes oan sale noo fi the usual outlets


Really? said...

Is that no Karen Kilgallon next ti Libby?

Carrier said...

Ah believe you eensight is accurate even aw the way fi the US Oodster.