Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Abin Bo'ness 1940s

Like a majestic jewel, the wee toun i Bo'ness sits proudly oan the banks i the Firth i Forth eftir the Secint World War , huvn emerged relatively unscathed fi the Luftwaffe Biltzkreig. In the foreground rises Mount Slag, yin i the highest Munros in Scotland until it wis flettint in the Eichties ti make wey fur a Nature Reserve. Many Bo'nessians yearn fur they gid auld days of new-funt optimism, when the Bondit Warehooses wur still stapped fu i Whisky, Doak Fairies wur seen oan eviry street coarnir, n Pow's Field wis hoatchin wi tumchies. They boats oppasit Corbieha wur still thair up until the 70s ah hink - embdy else mind thum rustin awa?
Mair here.


Sparky said...

I lived in a flat at 199d Corbieha', in the Queen Mary Block when the Bond burned doon.

There were huge crowds watching fi the road in front of the Auld Kirk.

I was busy pinching batons (for standing oan when penting ma ceiling) fi what was left around the Pit heed/Winding Wheel area and didny appreciate being highlighted by aw they flames TBH.

And naw, it wasny nowt to dae wi me, (I didny smoke then) when I heard the "mee maw"s and saw the blue flashing lights I nearly had a heart attack!!

I thoght I'd been lumbered.

It was funny tho...

Carrier said...

"Sparky" by name.....

Sparky said...


Naw me Mister, ye need tae speak to wee Ainslie H aboot that kinda thing on the No. 13 Bing at Dawson Place..