Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scrapped it Bo'ness

An occasional series highlighting the many ships of the line thit came ti Bo'ness ti dee


HMS Exmouth



Charlie S said...

The boat club web site has pics off over 30 ships that made their way to Bo'ness to the ship breaking.

Carrier said...

Some crackers in thair tae. Wid "brek" yir hert.

Sparky said...

Charlie S?

Are you the same Charlie that plays Squash at HP and claps ma dug on the way in??

Small world LOL.

See ye Monday nicht.

Charlie S said...

No that's Charlie Patrick, he keeps his boat at the same club as i do, you will see many photo's and video of him on the UFBC web site, by far the best being his take on Capt Jack Sparrow

Charlie S said...

Hi Sparky, is this the Charlie you know

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie S

Aye that's him!!!

Will need to wind him up at the HP Squash club.

Many Thanks.