Monday, February 08, 2010

All Our Yesterdays

40 this year? Went to Bo'ness Academy? Then there's potentially a school reunion on the cards. Contact the BOOB here or via Facebook for more information.

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Carrier said...

Ah'm around 40 bit ah oanly visitit the Acad fur certain subjects oan day release fi the nearby delinquents skill.
Ah hud Lusted fur Techy Drawin, Aitken fur Widwork, famous fur his 'drappin the T-square' gamble option - if ye catch it ye DIDNY get the belt - n Vernicious Kidd fur Art.

A reciprocal arrangement saw the idiosyncratic Glynn Jones attending oor skill to teach Latin inbetween tellin us the moon wis made i cheese. Oft times criticised, Jones must huv done sunhing richt:


See? Ye nivir forget, especially eftir it wis beltit inty ye.
Lessons ti be learned ther methinks in terms of present day educashion.

Anyweys - kin ah blag an invite?