Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stranger than Fiction

The boay Binnz wis tellin me thit he decidit ti take his elder laddie Euan ti the Hippodrome last Settirdiy ti see Sherlock Holmes.

Oan the wey doon he wis telln his laddie thit the last time he wis in the famous Bo'ness Picturehoose wis when he wis himsel a laddie. He went ti see the legendary Ray Harryhausen's version i Jason and the Argonauts. The yin wi the big bronze statue thit comes ti life, still gies me the creeps yon.

He remarked ti the wee man thit it wi ma Big Sis thit took him (along wi me, dinny go gittn any funny ideas).

Oanyweys 30 years later, n wi aw the sates in the Hippodrome, wha should sit doon beside him bit Karen & Chalky (it wis dark, she didny realise...)?

Spooky eh?

How the bold Binnz laffed, as he helped humsel ti half her Maltesers anaw jist fur auld times sake.

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Sparky said...

The last fillum I saw at the Hipp' was Gulliver's Travels.

The Barony Theatre yased to dae Matinees, but looked haunted and we were too feart to go...

Then it wis the ABC in Fawkirk opposite the Argyll Bar/Rosie O'Grady's.

Saw "Ae Lollipop", "Grease"(twice) and queued roon the block for Star Wars.

Having Fam'ly up in Baffgate anaw, I can mind when the Bathgate Regal was a "reel" piktcher hoose.

Saw "The Cat fi Ooter Space", every "Herbie 52" VW Beetle movie ever made there, and Freaky Friday (the first yin).

Salted popcorn works quicker than Botox!!!