Friday, July 23, 2010

Welcome back ti the BOOB

Welcome ti the Newly Enhanced BOOB, the number yin mid-life crisis website in Scotland aboot Bo'ness* run bi a group i bored thirtysumhings (ahem) boarn within the sound i Ballantine's Foondry Hoarn.
Keep a check oan oor worldwide fanbase wi oor new visitor globe n Embra aiport style arrivals board.
Feel free ti leave some comments, tho' preferably if u arny relatit ti embdy thit goat shoat bi Raul Moat or yon Derrick Bird.
Check oot the aulder stuff anaw spannin a ful half decade doon their oan the sidebar.
Contact us bi email, foaly us oan Facebook, Twitter, Bebo'ness - dae anyhing ye like.
We kin take it min.

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