Friday, July 23, 2010

£1million Coaffin Bloak investment planned

Accordin ti yin local newspaper the famous Coaffin Bloak is due fur a facelift bit several hunner readers have contacted us ti ask whaur did the name "Coaffin Bloak"cum fi?

Thankfully the BOOB research team huv awready looked inty this, back in 2008.

Case closed.

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Sparky said...

The coaffin bloak looks deed n buried there.

I've fond memories of slumming it in in Corbie Ha'.

The posh upwardly mobile folk that lived ahint the Vets called it "The Crow's Hall".

Long kent as the inspiration fur the classic fillum "Wind in the Willy's" (Drummonds the chemist wisny too far if ye suffered fi that problem).

I lived across the road fi the Kinneil Bar and the wee graveyard in flat 199d of the Queen Mary Building (despite Danny Kiers best attempts at burning the lot doon when drying his jeans at his fire n fawn asleep).

Badger wis across the landing n Big Lynsday stid underneath me.

Nae long lie ins on a weekend living there. If it wisny the Steam Train rootin, tootin n hooting its way ti Birkhill Mine, the Auld Kirk above me was dinging it's fkn bells early doors to call the twin set n pearls to prayer...