Monday, February 21, 2011

Bo'nessie Spottit Again

The legendary Bo'ness Monster "Bo'nessie" hus been spyed again in the River Forth aff Grangepans, Bo'ness.
Eyewitnesses described the animal as a giant dark brown snake with humps measuring three burnt-oot car lengths. The unidentified swimming object (USO) was spotted at 10.35am this moarnin by a local man walking his ferret. ‘I thocht it wis a deid boady,’ said Tam. ‘Then I realised it wis much bigger n moving really quickly. Each hump wis moving in a rippling motion n it wis swimming fast. Ah could tell it wis much bigger underneath fi the muckle big shadow aroond it". The eyewitness later admitted "he may huv hud yin or twa halfs" ti git his hert pumpin.

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