Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grangepans Bridge

Anybody old enough to remember the old railway bridge in Grangepans?


crsimpson said...

yip I can, you could still see the bases which were dumped on the foreshore until recently. They were covered up when the sea defences went in.

G-Panz Shore Scrambler said...

Fforbes in the foaty anaw.

Anonymous said...

unfortunatey I can


Made of Cast Iron said...

Like many readers i wonder whatever happened to the lost ironmongery of Grangepans? Along with the iconic anchor at Man O War Way, and the many gundies now sadly replaced with inferior stainless steel versions, one can only hope that it has been recycled and now adorns the entrance to a shopping mall in Dubai or Aby Daby.

Bob said...

Bridge was at the gap between
Thirlestane and Thirlestane place

I was told that the old Anchor which was a feature opposite the Crown is now in Andersons relic truck shed

I also know where the clock dials from the original Bo'ness town centre clock are

Carrier said...

That foaty is a grab fi a cinefilm tain by mowgs' grandpaw. We'll see if we kin git it up on BoobTube fur aw u krasy g-panzers.