Thursday, December 31, 2009

BOOB Review i the Year 2009

Hosted by Danielle Bux, wearing Lorne's Fair Hat

2009 startit aff braw is usual in the Shank. An unusual ham wis eagerly gobbled up bi the ladies, n thir wis a mass debate ower wha stid whaur it the Murrays.
In February the Drum Fairm disappeared n BOOB selt the last bag i Pic n Mix fi Woolies doon the Toon fur £150000.
Spring time saw BOOBs rockn aw ower the world, fi New York ti Catarrh. Wee Gill goat a new car, souped up n rid jist how she likes her men. Alsithee. Lorne Sossage hit 50 anaw whilst Charlie Nick congratulated Ketal oan becomin a Granda.

The Hippodrome n Cassaloan wur remebert wi affection, whilst the Toammy Boatil Memorial Maisters Superplumb 40th combo wis a riotous affair, whit ah kin remember i it eftir concussion.

Inty May, n we woke up wi Megan Fox, a video still sadly underutilised accordin ti stats, n is best enjoyed in ful screen mode. Mowgs n Chas updated us oan Shore News whilst Pange Icon Geets wis seen in the erse end i a jar i Marmite. Lorne remindit us whit SuBo wis like afore she goat famous in this exclusive video fi the Rose Club.

Twinty-five years ago - kin u believe it - oan 10th June 1984, the famous Bo'ness United brought the big Junior Cup hame ti its rightful place - Bo'ness n the BOOB celebrated this in June. Hopefuly we'll dae it agin in 2010. In the absence i brainy fowk, the BOOBs fared badly in a local pub quiz, eftir listenin ti Binnz aboot beavers. Mowgs wis oan hand wi his trusty instamatic ti capture the bedlam i the Fairs Cup, inexplicably won bi Tam Burns's team, whilst the BOOBs enjoyed anithir great sunny Bo'ness Fair, whilst Lorne's Fair Hat went oan its travels.

Summer i 2009, n the unsung heroes i the Bo'ness Fair - the flag pitiruphirs - wur celebrated, whilst a couple i lucky baistarts won the postcode lottery wi Miss Scotland in attendance. Thir wis mair mass deabte oan the best Jannie in Bo'ness history whilst Lorne n Cox wur oan thir travels ti Tuscany n the West Bank.

The BOOBs spent a night it the newly reopened Hippodrome ti see Harry Poattir, Billy's laddie. Magic - git doon thair min ower the hoalidays. The Embra Fringe saw sum disgsuting behaviour, n Mowgs hud the foaties ti prove it, in between appearin oan the BBC. A massive fire it Anderson's wis captured bi Chas whilst Wee GC made a pilgrimage ti Rome.

Mysterious September, wi the common Type 2, Fit-long wis spottit whilst foo-fighters wur seen abin Bo'ness. Superplumb became a faithir again, oanly yin mair laddie needit fur the 5s team.

October saw the BOOBs runnin a successful campaign ti git the Bridgeness Stane back. As well is mashin up Inxs n Editors we called fur greater transparency in fitba n enjoyed the G-pans Boat Regatta fi 1967. This man wis seen in Bo'ness dreams anaw.

A controversial stairt ti November wi Wee GC takin his baw hame. The BOOBs caught up wi the BUs fi 84 it the Spoartsmin's Dinner, n we funt oot the BU Club site wis gittn a makeower.

The year endit oan a high wi a massive chessy causing chaos in Cumlouden , Wee GC posin anithir yin i his favourite fitba grund quizzes , Tam oan the Telly, importint safety stuff n a heart warming BOOB Xmas Stoary.

Whit a year! Mind n look it the comments, they are funnier. Ye kin also foaly us on Twitter, Facebook n Bebo.

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